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Guide to Responsible Tech: How to Get Involved & Build a Better Tech Future

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 17 September 2020
Last modified on 17 September 2020

Developed by All Tech Is Human, an organization committed to informing & inspiring the next generation of responsible technologists & changemakers.

How do you get involved in the growing Responsible Tech field? This guide is a comprehensive look at the vibrant Responsible Tech ecosystem. Aimed at college students, grad students, and young professionals, the "Responsible Tech Guide" is a mix of advice, career profiles, education journeys, and organizations in the space. 


Entering Responsible Tech

  • Welcome, All Tech is Human
  • What is responsible tech?
  • Our aim at All Tech is Human
  • Education partner
  • Guide collaborators
  • 10 ways to get involved

The Diversity of Responsible Tech

  • Map of disciplines
  • Backgrounds
  • 20 career titles
  • Career profiles
  • How did you pave you career?

Expanding your knowledge

  • 20 Podcasts
  • Responsible Tech topics
  • Most pressing topics
  • 12 suggested books

Building the movement

  • Education
  • Education Journey interviews
  • Important questions
  • Hurdles for Responsible Tech

Responsible Tech Ecosystem

  • Organizations
  • Get to know the community
  • Collaborator Journey interviews
  • Changemakers interviews


  • Key takeaways
  • Stay in touch








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