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The co-design playbook | Strategies for collaborative innovation

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Published in June 2017. Co-design playbook and deck developed by Jisc and live:work 

Co-design is a method for working closely with end users and stakeholders to explore new ideas and develop solutions that meet their needs. It’s clear, simple and agile and helps us to create better products and services. In this playbook you can explore different tools for collaborative innovation.

The playbook, describes a number of ‘plays’helpful in guiding co-design activities. Plays are ways of answering questions and developing new ideas through activities and they help us to understand problems, users and markets more deeply



Part one: Co-design 

  • Why does Jisc co-design?
  • Why should you co-design?
  • Who is involved in co-design?
    • Deciders
    • Planners
    • Makers
    • Users

Part two: Engagement 

  • Engaging people in co-design
  • Ways to engage: activities
  • Ways to engage: content, formats and outputs
  • Engagement paths for key roles:
    • Deciders
    • Planners
    • Makers
    • Users

Part three: The playbook 

  • Introduction
  • Play categories: understand, imagine and build
  • Types of play
    • Understand
    • Imagine
    • Build

Part four: Examples 

  • Example 1: Online directories
  • Example 2: Summer of Student Innovation

Start co-designing 



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