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Inclusive Design Toolkit

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 24 February 2021
Last modified on 24 February 2021

The platform was developed by the following researchers within the inclusive design team at the University of Cambridge Engineering Design Centre: Sam Waller, Joy Goodman-Deane, Mike Bradley, Ian Hosking, Pat Langdon & John Clarkson

The guidance and resources contained in the platform reflect 15 years of inclusive design research, conducted by 4 successive inclusive design consortia funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Provides tools and guidance, as well as a collection of practical examples and case studies, for organisations and designers to produce better products that are accessible to the widest possible range of people

The Inclusive Design Toolkit is presented in form of an online platform and is structured into the following sections

1. Introduction

  • What is inclusive design?
    • Product performance indicators
    • Understanding user diversity
    • Definition of inclusive design
    • Comparison with ‘Universal design’
  • Why do inclusive design?
    • Understanding ageing populations
    • Designing for our future selves
    • The risk of bad design
    • The value of good design
    • Presenting the business case

2. About users

  • About users: overview
  • Assessing demand
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Thinking
  • Reach and Dexterity
  • Mobility

3. Process

  • Process: Overview
  • Map of key activities
  • Manage
  • Explore
  • Create
  • Evaluate

4. Tools

5. Applied to








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