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What does Science Education in RRI mean?

Promoting innovative

problem-solving and

critical thinking

Embedding social, economic

and ethical principles

Promoting engagement and an

entrepreneurial mindset

Empowering citizens

to participate in science policy making

Sharing responsibility 

while solving social challenges

Facilitating a strong

interdisciplinary approach,

and stakeholders' involvement

Policy Makers

Policy Makers can influence school and

university curricula: including RRI at all levels of

education will make the difference for a better

future in science and innovation

Research Community

Research institutions should open up to

collaborations with other education providers and

stakeholders by facilitating educational

opportunities linked to their research

Education Community

Improving education requires training,

networking and resources. RRI provides inspiration

on how they should be implemented

Why is it


according to

your R&I


Business & Industry

The availability of a skilled work force is

determinant to nowadays economies. Connecting

innovation and science education strategies

through RRI can help increase the innovation

capability of our society

Civil Society Organisations

CSOs can play a key role in engaging learners

and citizens in R&I and in R&I decision-making

Training resource
How to put Science Education into practice

How to integrate

RRI in secondary


How to incorporate

RRI in higher

education institutions

How to incorporate

RRI in science

engagement organisations

How to Introduce RRI at

school through project

-and inquiry-based

learning in STEM

How to co-create


participatory research

How to embed RRI

in citizen science

​The RRI Toolkit: recommended resources for Science Education

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