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What does Public Engagement in RRI mean?

Enhancing and widening

participation at all R&I stages

Leading to new and

profitable partnerships

Guaranteeing a 



Advancing towards collaborative

decision-making and shared 


Promoting Citizen Science 

and Open Innovation

Policy Makers

Public engagement can help bring decisions on

R&I policies closer to society, making them

more robust and legitimate

Research Community

Engaging citizens in research practices can lead to

more effective R&I processes more suited to meet

their needs and expectations

Education Community

Empowering young students and lifelong

learners to engage in R&I and R&I decision

making is key for RRI success

Why is it


according to

your R&I


Business & Industry

Industry should engage stakeholders in the

implementation of responsibility measures in their

end-products and industrial processes

Civil Society Organisations

The engagement of CSOs in RRI processes is

necessary to introduce the voice of society, make

R&I more democratic and enhance public


Training resource
How to put Public Engagement into practice

How to foster

multistakeholder engagement

How to set up a participatory

research agenda

How to co-create


participatory research

​The RRI Toolkit: recommended resources for Public Engagement

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