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What does Open Access in RRI mean?

Free access, no more limits

Access to

peer-reviewed literature

Access to publications,

access to data

Shaking up the current

publication system and

opening new horizons

Transparency and


Full re-use rights
Policy Makers

Wide access to research is a public matter,

especially if it is financed with public money

Research Community

Open Access is mandatory for H2020 funded

projects and will probably become the standard in

the future

Education Community

Open Access promotes excellence in

academia, research and science

construction, and guarantees a continuous

stream of knowledge

Why is it


according to

your R&I


Business & Industry

Open Access as a way to foster Open Innovation in

your organisation

Civil Society Organisations

Open Access raises your awareness of what

scientists are doing today and enables you to

influence tomorrow's trends

Training resource
How to put Open Access into practice

How to Implement OA

policies at institutions

How to incorporate OA

in research practice

Moving from open access

to open science

The RRI Toolkit: recommended resources for Open Access

Nested Portlets Nested Portlets

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