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Rosina Malagrida has a degree in chemistry from the University of Barcelona, Spain, a master’s in science communication from Imperial College London, UK (with a scholarship from “la Caixa” Foundation) and has run a programme for Strategic Communication at the business school ESADE. She has also attended numerous conferences and courses in this area, at which she has given a number of presentations.

She is specialised in Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), and in particular in public engagement and non-formal education and her interest focuses on decreasing the gap between health research and society. Currently, she is the head of the Living Lab for Health Research at IrsiCaixa in Barcelona, where she coordinates the European educational portal Xplore Health, and a programme for outreach and prevention of HIV/AIDS. She is also in charge of facilitating the participation of patients in shaping the R&I of the institution, is the deputy coordinator of the EC project RRI Tools, to promote Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in Europe, and the IP of the EC project EnRRICH, to better promote research in response to societal needs through higher education research projects (Science Shop approach). She offers training workshops and teaches about RRI in a wide variety of higher education courses.

Malagrida previously worked at the Barcelona Science Park, where she was communication director, and at the science museums of London and Barcelona, developing exhibitions, experimental workshops, fairs, debates and EC projects, such as nanopinion or nanoyou.

Head of the Living Lab for Health Research

Our Living Lab for Health projects to promote health are co-developed in conjunction with stakeholders that include the scientific community,  politicians, the business and educational communities and civil society organizations.

The Living Lab for Health projects are educational programmes and participatory activities associated with research and innovation (R+I) and governance, carried out with and for the community.

  • We promote health.  We encourage people to make critical decisions about their health based on scientific reasoning.  
  • We empower people. We enable people to take part in R+I, in R+I decisions and in interventions that promote health.
  • We align R+I and interventions with needs and expectations. We facilitate participatory processes in various R+I stages, in prioritizing research programmes, in defining and implementing R+I and in defining public health promotion policies and interventions.
  • We promote responsible research and innovation (RRI). We provide training, outreach and counselling regarding RRI at the local, national and European levels, through  RRI Tools and EnRRICH.
  • We foster science communication.  We coordinat institutional communications and facilitate information provision and dialogue with citizens.

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