RRI Tools webinars

RRI Tools webinars
13/10/16 13:09

I would like to share a brief note on the webinar entitled “RRI Tools webinar: Become an RRI pioneer at your school”, which was held by European Schoolnet last 19th of July, 2016, as a practical and useful resource for training purposes. 

This online seminar focused on the integration of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) principles in teaching and learning activities as a way to support a multidisciplinary approach and to strengthen students' engagement and their acquisition of critical thinking and collaborative learning skills.

The webinar covered 3 different modules focused on (1) defining the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation and its link to education, (2) giving and overview of RRI practices that can be applied to daily practice and (3) describing specific RRI oriented educational practices and, in particular, presenting an educators guide aimed at help designing educational practices related to RRI.

This resource is particularly interesting for any stakeholder interested in getting a comprehensive approach to the concept of Responsive Research and Innovation as well as for any educators that are interested in learning more about introducing RRI in their daily professional practice.

This webinar is available on YouTube and Slideshare through the following links: