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What does Ethics in RRI mean?

Incorporating Research 



responsibility for the

impacts of science

Reflecting on people’s ideas

and concerns about R&I

Aligning research to social


Deliberating on the

moral issues of R&I with a

diversity of actors

Policy Makers

Research and Innovation policy should be

consciously developed, making sure regulations

are in conformity with shared values and meet the

ethical demands of society

Research Community

Research integrity and moral deliberation on

scientific processes and outcomes are key

requirements for both individuals and institutions

Education Community

By providing tools and training for critical thinking,

education can promote society’s participation in

ethical deliberation concerning R&I

Why is it


according to

your R&I


Business & Industry

Industry related research and social actors should

work together from the beginning to embed ethical

considerations in their R&I processes

Civil Society Organisations

Citizens’ involvement is essential for realising

ethically acceptable research and innovation that

is aligned with society's values and demands,

while minimising risks and maximising benefits

Training resource
How to put Ethics into practice

How to promote

research integrity

How to integrate ethics into all

phases of the R&I process

How to facilitate

structures for reflection

​The RRI Toolkit: recommended resources for Ethics

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