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Seven practical points for facilitating workshops with blind & visually impaired people

Uploaded by RRI Tools on June 28, 2021
Last modified on January 24, 2022

Living Innovation project

The prominent workshop design is mostly focused on sighted people, leading to the exclusion of the low vision or blind users. Even though the goal might be to develop a product or service, which can be used by everybody, a significant group of stakeholders is unable to participate in the innovation process, leaving out their wishes and perspectives.

This is why within the LIVING INNOVATION1 project seven tools were developed and successfully tested, through which people with visual impairment as well as blind people can be included in the innovation process right from the start.

The first three chapters deal with topics, which are especially important to think about before conducting the workshop. Any successful workshop is a carefully prepared one. The following four sections describe hands on tools, which are created to enable the inclusion of low vision and blind people in the innovation process within the workshop. Finally this guide ends with some helpful tips of what to do and what to avoid when interacting with visually impaired or blind people.


Table of contents

I. What are these seven tools for? Information about the Guide

1. Groups: To split or not to split?

  • Before the workshop consider these questions

  • What does this mean in practice?

2. Accessibility of Information

  • Which techniques are there to create inclusive documents?

  • How could such a document look like in practice? 

3. The Recorder

  • There are three main types of assistants 

4. Orientation through 3D Models

  • Various Applications 

5. Building Blocks 

6. Creative Impulse: Touch

  • Adding Features to Cards

  • Sketching Ideas with Tactile Foils 

7. Creative Impulse: Sound

  • Where should I put attention on?

II. Online Workshops for blind and visually impaired People .

  • How to overcome technical challenges?
  • How to overcome organizational challenges 

III. Dos & Don’ts . What should I consider when meeting visually impaired or blind people?


See also this 10 minute video with André Martinuzzi and Svetlana Ivanova on <<Inclusive Innovation Workshops with blind and visually impaired people>> produced by LIV_IN




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