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FLIP | a comprehensive online collection of innovation methods and tools

Uploaded by RRI Tools on September 29, 2019

The Florence Innovation Project (FLIP) - is an initiative of the Verrochio Institute for Innovation Competence

How do I find the best method for my current innovation challenge without having to read many different books each time?

The Florence Innovation Project (FLIP) provides you with a comprehensive overview of 562 current innovation methods and tools - compiled by 11 authors through their practical work in recent years. This collection will help beginners and/or professionals to quickly, safely, and undogmatically select methods.

The collection includes a large number of methods & experiences, and a powerful search engine

  • The authors have researched many hundreds of sources during the creation of the Florence Innovation Project. They analysed websites and blogs and read almost every innovation book that is currently available.
  • Countless discussions with innovation experts led to a detailed classification of the listed methods.
  • The methods are described in as short a form as possible, which is sufficient to carry out the method independently.
  • For each dataset, they refer directly to the origin of the methods and, if possible, provide a link with the possibility to order the original source, because there are still further details and backgrounds to be found here. FLIP wants to give an overview and fit - the ultimate deepening can only be done with the original sources.

The search engine

The FLIP Index

  • The Flip "Index" offers 17 practical search categories on all methods and tools of the Florence Innovation Project.
  • The index gives you a quick overview of the database and a lot of additional practical knowledge about the "?" function.
  • You will quickly find out which topics are of high practical relevance especially for you. Each search topic also shows you immediately how many tools are referenced there.

The FLIP full text search

  • The FLIP full text search is the right starting point if you already know what you are looking for.
  • You can enter a text of any length here, which will then be searched in the entire database.

The 17 search categories

  1. Methods according to innovation phases 
  2. Methods according to innovation types 
  3. Methods according to company size 
  4. Methods according to focus user 
  5. Methods according to generated output 
  6. Methods according to innovation ability 
  7. Methods according to method clusters 
  8. Methods according to method types 
  9. Methods according to obstacle effects 
  10. Methods according to operational characteristics 
  11. Methods according to operational clusters 
  12. Methods according to possible disadvantages 
  13. Methods according to possible extra benefits 
  14. Methods according to principles 
  15. Methods according to required input 
  16. Methods according to tool clusters 
  17. Methods by additional relevances 








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