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Evaluating online engagement: a guide with best practice examples

Uploaded by RRI Tools on March 4, 2022
Last modified on March 4, 2022

University of Oxford.

Best practice examples for evaluating virtual festivals and online Public Engagement with Research events

There are a range of tools and approaches that can be used to evaluate a virtual festival or online Public Engagement with Research event. This guide demonstrates real examples of online evaluation tools that have been used for previous virtual festivals and online events at the University of Oxford.

This guide is for researchers and engagement facilitators who would like to evaluate a virtual festival or online event; or those interested in online evaluation tools for other Public Engagement with Research projects. Find out about a range of online evaluation tools that have been used by researchers and engagement facilitators at the University of Oxford, who share their best practice examples and top tips for evaluating online engagement activities


  • Why evaluate?
  • Selecting an online evaluation tool
  • Evaluation tools:
    • Padlet 
    • Vevox 
    • Mentimeter 
    • Smart Survey 
    • Google Jamboard 
    • Zoom Poll 
    • JISC Online Surveys 
  • Further information and resources 
  • Acknowledgements 

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