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Co-creation Toolkit for researchers and developers.

Uploaded by Maud Bomert on May 15, 2020
Last modified on May 18, 2020

The EU-funded GoNano (Governing Nanotechnologies through societal engagement) project aims to improve the responsiveness of research and innovation to public values and concerns. Over the course of the project (2017-2020) citizens, researchers, industry, civil society organisations and policy makers across Europe worked together to align future nanotechnologies with societal needs and concerns.

GoNano developed a Co-creation Toolkit to support researchers and engineers who would like to engage with citizens and societal stakeholders as a source of creative thinking.

The toolkit offers a six-step approach to help researchers and engineers define their goal, identify the relevant stakeholders and design, implement and reflect on the co-creation process:

  1. Define your goal 
  2. Identify the stakeholders 
  3. Start planning 
  4. Organize your co-creation event 
  5. Evaluate and reflect on the process
  6. Share the results 


You can download all the material from here:


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