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A new narrative on Responsible Innovation for the business sector

Uploaded by RRI Tools on December 1, 2021

A new narrative on Responsible Innovation for the business sector. Policy Brief #1 by the Living Innovation project. November 2021.

Current definitions of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) do not link up with the rationalities and the language of the business sector. Instead, a new narrative is needed, focusing on business opportunities, as well as providing a business case around it.

The LIV_IN project has developed a new narrative consisting of three elements:

  • business’ responsibility for impacts of an innovation
  • co-creation of innovations with a broad range of people and
  • innovation on a systems level.

On this basis, the projects makes a series of recommendations

  1. Establish responsible innovation dialogues
  2. Set up a clearing house for impact data
  3. Empower citizens and foster capacity building for co-creation
  4. Consider Societal Readiness Level equally important as TRL
  5. Initiate a multi-stakeholder initiative on Responsible Innovation
  6. Emphasize the systemic character of missions in Horizon Europe 


Managing the impacts of Innovation

Co-Creating Innovations 


Systemic perspective

See also this 10 minute video with André Martinuzzi and Svetlana Ivanova on <<The Business Case for Responsible Innovation>> produced by LIV_IN 



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