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Are you a newcomer to RRI?
What does RRI mean?

Diversity and


The education community can widespread

diversity and inclusion principles in the

way various disciplines are taught 

including in teaching about Research

and Innovation

Anticipation and


The education community has

a role to play in preparing

learners to contribute to debates

on emerging technologies,

empowering them with

the necessary skills

Openness and


The education community can

contribute to the RRI agenda

focussing on real-life challenges

and current Research and Innovation

Responsiveness and

Adaptive Change

The education community can help

involve young people and life-long

learners in Research and Innovation

processes to give them the opportunity

to have an impact on societal challenges

and interact with other actors involved


Ethical reflection needs to be better integrated in

STEAM education to empower learners as

responsible citizens able to talk back to science

Gender Equality

A gender-aware perspective should permeate

STEAM education to avoid gender stereotyping


Connecting RRI and science education

strategies should be a priority for policy makers

What key

issues should

be taken into


Open Access

In order for science education to move towards RRI,

science needs to become more open and inclusive

Public Engagement

Learners should be empowered to participate

and have their say on research and innovation

Science Education

Educators need training, networking and

resources to implement RRI

Training resource
How to put RRI into practice

How to integrate RRI in

secondary education

How to incorporate RRI

in higher education institutions

How to teach RRI in Universities

How to incorporate RRI

in science engagement


How to introduce RRI at school

through project- and

inquiry-based learning in STEM

How to co-create


participatory research

How to embed RRI

in citizen science

The RRI Toolkit: recommended resources for the Education Community

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