Take time to reflect

This tool stimulates reflection and offers inspiring ideas

for your research and innovation practices

What it offers

Each policy agenda offers questions and inspiring answers to help you reflect on your own RRI practices.

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How it is used

Select the questions most relevant for your current R&I practices. You can jump between policy agendas and questions at any time.

How it works
What you get

Download your completed self-reflection sheet and the RRI Development Plan template to continue your reflection work.

To work offline download a self-reflection template
How it works

Jump from one policy agenda to another,

selecting topics for reflection.


Choose the questions you want to consider and discard the rest. You can also add your own questions.


Get your self-reflection with your selected questions and answers and an RRI Development Plan template as PDFs.

Your self-reflection will also be stored in your profile

If you need further guidance, read this quick guide