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Are you a newcomer to Responsible Innovation (RI)?
What is Responsible Innovation
Responsible Innovation means to:
Orientate innovation activities towards solving the grand challenges of society.
Anticipate the impacts an innovation will have and work accordingly to benefit society and the environment.
Develop new technologies, products, services and business models that are socially acceptable and desirable.
Co-design whole systems (e.g. health care, food system, mobility) instead of focusing on individual technologies or products.
Co-create innovations together with the people affected by them.
Respect ethical limitations, if you ignore them, you risk your social license to operate.
Principles of Responsible Innovation
Companies aiming at Responsible Innovation commit themselves to:


by engaging in open innovation, reflecting on and openly disclosing the purposes and potential implications of innovations, as well as the associated uncertainties.

Participation & Inclusion

by involving people of a broad diversity and different backgrounds on eye-level (inclusive innovation processes) and considering their needs.

Principles of Responsible Innovation


by assessing risks and wider impacts (risk management and due diligence), considering ethical limitations, welcoming early warnings of negative impacts and mitigating harms.


by orientating innovation towards Planet, People and Profit (triple bottom line) and increasing shared value (for the company and for society).


by capacity building for Responsible Innovation, fostering the links between innovation and CSR/Sustainability Management and implementing gender equality.

Training resource
How to put the Responsible Innovation principles into practice

How to boost creativity &

involve people

How to

consider future impacts

The business case for 

Responsible Innovation

Responsible Innovation

criteria for investors


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Inclusive Innovation
El kit d'eines d'RRI: recursos recomanats per al sector empresarial i la indústria
Responsible Innovation Stories
A video interview series featuring inspiring ideas, great thinkers and flagships initiatives from academia, industry, and policy

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