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Voice of Young Science (VoYS)

Uploaded by Kathryn Brian on 27 January 2017
Owned by Sense About Science . Last modified on 30 January 2017

VoYS is an initiative set up by Sense about Science and stands for the Voice of Young Science.


VoYS  is a unique dynamic network of early career researchers such as PhD or postdoctoral researchers who have a role in public discussions regarding science. Early career researchers can become involved with VoYS in a variety of ways, which often include responding to challenging misconceptions about science and evidence and also engagement with the media and public. The VoYS network is extremely involved in the 'Ask for Evidence' campaign a tool also showcased at the RRI Toolkit.


The active VoYS community includes over 2,000 early career researchers and is ever expanding. The VoYS community is continually working to change the public and media's view on science.  Many early career researchers are reluctant to approach the media, therefore workshops are organised for VoYS members to encourage early career researchers to make their voices heard and explain the process of interacting with the media. The VoYS campaign is a simple way for early career researchers to get involved in scientific discussion and make their voices heard.

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