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University’s Social Responsibility (USR) Toolkit of Practices

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 31 October 2017

The UNIBILITY project

The main purpose of the USR Toolkit is the delivery of a joint Toolkit of Practices for European universities, focusing on examples of good practices, covering social responsibility and interactions between the university and their local communities.  

The toolkit contains 21 recent examples of already implemented USR practices which are collected using a common methodology: desk research of the existing literature describing these practices and semi-structured interviews with project managers at universities. The target audience for the Toolkit are responsible people at universities for USR, third mission and transfer offices which foster the cooperation with the community outside the university, but also students practicing socially responsible action. 

The content of the USR Toolkit is divided into 5 main parts:

  1. Socially responsible research, teaching and learning
  2. Public engagement
  3. Socially responsible university governance 
  4. Environmental and societal sustainability 
  5. Fair practices 
Spanish, English, Deutsch, German, Romanian

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