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UGO Standard

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 24 February 2016

CISE - Innovation and Economic Development Center
UGO standard is a certification conceived to provide a competitive advantage to the organisations developing a responsible innovation. This standard is applied on a voluntary basis, reflecting the organisation belief that technology and innovation aim to improve human beings quality of life.
Responsiveness, Reflection, Adaptive Change
Monitorization & Evaluation

The certification is only conferred to companies meeting the following standards:
- the mandatory performance requirements applicable to its own domain of activity;
- the targets that it has autonomously set;
- the goal of investing annually in the research activity at least 5% of its added value;
- should be applicable to the organisation the Precautionary Principle (criterion of behaviour inspired by the search for compatibility between the technical-scientific development necessary to the human progress and the control of the proven or assumed threats linked to such development), the goal of investing annually at least 1% of its turnover (related to products/services for which that Principle is applicable) in independent research activities specifically aimed at eradicate, where possible, the potential threats and to implement in advance preventive measures with reference to actual risks.

Organisations must pass a validation phase of the Standard for the Responsible Innovation Certification, performed by CISE, with the aim to create a tool that follows objective standards and can be applied to different organizations. The monitoring of the Social Accountability Watch is associated to the inspection.

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