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TWIST Teachers Guide One Size Fits All? Enhancing Gender Awareness in Teaching

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 01 November 2015

This TWIST teachers guide aims to be a source of inspiration for science centres, museums and others wanting to offer a professional teacher development programme on gender awareness in schools, with a specific focus on primary school science teachers. The programme it describes was designed for teachers working with children aged 8–14.

The guide offers information, guidelines, good practices and tips to inspire users to develop their own effective programmes. It focuses on awareness of preconceptions about boys and girls, including how to deal with these preconceptions in daily teaching practice.

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Diversity, Inclusion, Responsiveness

The guide contains five sections: introduction, practical inspiration, gender background, team and classroom activities, and further reading. Each section provides a brief overview, illustrated with tips, quotes and good practices derived from the experiences of TWIST project partners.

The activity section presents activities for the professional development programme and for the classroom. For each activity, the guide provides practical implementation information: objectives, materials, target group, theme and working method.

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