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Transform: The Journal of Engaged Scholarship

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Transform: The Journal of Engaged Scholarship. Edited by Engagement Australia

Transform: The Journal of Engaged Scholarship is an open-access, peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary online platform for engaged scholars and practitioners. Transform welcomes submissions from the research, conceptual, theoretical and practice domains across the breadth of the engagement agenda in higher education.

Published bi-annually, the Journal features articles that advance the scholarship of engagement within Australia and internationally, providing space for critical inquiry, reflection and review. The Journal includes current and recently completed research, practice-oriented research, and reviews of practice relevant to engagement in the Higher Education sector.

Transform: Issue 1 April 2017 | Engagement the next thousand years are crucial!

  • Article 1 - Community, Engagement, Learning and the University | Professor Jim Nyland, Ms. Emer Clarke and Professor David Davies
  • Article 2 - University Engagement in a ‘Post-Truth’ World | Professor Sharon Bell
  • Article 3 - Neighbourhood-Emplaced Centers: A trend within American Urban Community-University Engagement | Dr. Lina Dostilio
  • Article 4 - An analysis of existing Partnership Engagements for Australian Universities and Innovation Spaces | Ms. Amanda Briggs and Professor Martin Betts
  • Article 5 - Interview: Beyond the 3rd Stream | Mr. Adrian Collette
  • Article 6 - CEO’s Viewpoint: Engaging Futures: the next gen and implications for the higher education sector | Dr. Jan Owen
  • Article 7 - VC’s Viewpoint: The Importance of ACU’s Community Engagement | Professor Greg Craven AO

Transform: Issue 2 December 2017 | Re-imagining The Engaged University

  • Article 1 - The Growing Role of the Research University in addressing Global Challenges | Professor Barbara Holland
  • Article 2 - Re-imagining the Engaged University as a Cultural Project | Professor Jim Nyland and Professor David Davies
  • Article 3 - Are our students ready? Preparing for Moments of Truth through Community Engagement | Associate Professor Billy O'Steen
  • Article 4 - Interview: Is it the Economy Stupid....or is it Culture, Identity and sharing the Vision? | Professor Margaret Gardner AO
  • Article 5 - VC's Viewpoint: Community Engagement - is essential but be wary of the challenges | Professor Tim Brailsford
  • Article 6 - Director's Viewpoint: Re-imagining the role of the Knowledge Broker | Ms Ros Hore
  • Article 7 - Pictorial Essays: MARCS BabyLab | Western Sydney University
  • Article 8 - Pictorial Essays: Art meets science for broader medical empathy | Flinders University
  • Case Studies: Snapshot of engagement activities | Southern Cross, Macquarie, Federation and Griffith University

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