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Training and Resources in Research Ethics Evaluation (TRREE)

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 01 November 2015

Training and Resources in Research Ethics Evaluation (TRREE)

TRREE is a set of resources aimed at providing basic training and building capacities on the ethics of health research involving human participants so that such research will meet the highest ethical standards and will promote participants’ welfare.

TRREE provides free access to:

  • e-Learning: a distance learning programme and certification on research ethics evaluation that is based on internationally recognized ethical principles and regulations
  • e-Resources: a participatory website with international, regional and national regulatory and policy resources.

TRREE aims to strengthen research ethics evaluation capacities in African, European and other participating countries by:

  • increasing the knowledge and practical skills of those involved in the management and conduct of ethics evaluation and research partnerships
  • creating a participatory process that will nourish lasting partnerships with and amongst African and other low- and middle-income partners
  • creating a resource that will facilitate the dissemination of knowledge in North–South partnerships.
National, International, Regional
English, Polish, Portuguese, Lativian, Lithuanian, German, French, Romanian
Responsiveness, Anticipation, Reflection
Development, Exploration, Implementation, Monitorization & Evaluation, Dissemination

TRREE e-Learning consists of six modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to research ethics
  • Module 2.1: Research ethics evaluation
  • Module 3.1: Informed consent
  • Module 3.2: Good clinical practice
  • Module 3.3: HIV vaccine trials
  • Module 3.4: Adolescent involvement in HIV prevention trials.

Questions are integrated into the training material, and participants answering at least 70% correctly receive a certificate.

Some courses allow guest access, but users must create an account to obtain full access to all courses. Although the website provides only a moderate amount of information, Modules 1 and 2.1 might be appropriate for those wanting to develop basic skills in ethics.

Beginner, Practitioner

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