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Training Tools for Curriculum Development: A Resource Pack for Gender-Responsive STEM Education

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 07 August 2017

The IBE-UNESCO series of Training Tools for Curriculum Development is designed to support Member States with regard to education and curriculum reforms and development processes. The overarching objective of ‘A Resource Pack for Gender-Responsive STEM Education’ is to share a broader understanding of the theory and practice of gender-responsive STEM education, in order to support its effective development at the policy, school, classroom and community levels. The Resource Pack provides comprehensive guidance for national policymakers, curriculum specialists and developers, teacher educators, teachers, school leaders and district level administrators.

The key topics covered are:

  • Introductory Module: Gender and Sociocultural Practices in STEM Education
  • Module 1: Formulating Policies for Gender-Responsive STEM Education
  • Module 2: Developing Gender-Sensitive STEM Curricula
  • Module 3: Creating Gender-Responsive STEM Pedagogy, Learning and Assessment
  • Module 4: Teacher Education and Teacher Professional Development to Support Gender-Sensitive STEM Curricula and Gender-Responsive Pedagogies
  • Module 5: Developing Gender-Sensitive STEM Resources
  • Module 6: Raising Community Awareness and Commitment to Policies that Promote Gender-Responsive STEM Education

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