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Tools and Resources on Gender–Sensitive Teaching Methods in Higher Education

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Baltic Consortium on Promoting Gender Equality in Marine Research Organizations

Gender sensitive teaching aims at supporting equally the learning of female and male students. The fact that there are as many female as male students in higher education does not make university teaching automatically gender sensitive. Research rather shows that there is a „hidden curriculum‟, which transmits unconsciously and implicitly gender bias. In particular prevailing gender stereotyped perceptions and expectations with regard to women and men have an impact on student´s attitudes towards learning and engagement with the subject as well as their academic achievements. Gender sensitive teaching, therefore, considers and recognizes the impact of gender aspects in interactions between teaching staff and students as well as among students and in teaching content and materials. This collection of online material aims at encouraging teaching staff to integrate the gender dimension into their teaching. A variety of information is provided in form of toolboxes, best practice examples, manuals, guidelines and training tools. 


Table of Contents



  • Toolbox Gender and Diversity in Academic Teaching 
  • GARCIA-Toolkit for Integration Gender-Sensitive Approach into Resarch and Teaching.
  • Gender Mainstreaming Toolkit for Teachers and Teacher Educators

Gender in Curricula

  • Database Gender Curricula for 55 Fields of Studies
  • Report on Good Practices Introducing Gender in Curricula 
  • A Guide on Gender Equality in Teacher Education

Best Practices

  • Handbook ´Teaching a Diverse Student Body´ 
  • Gender in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
  • Resource Pack for Gender-Responsive STEM Education 
  • STEM Teacher Training Innovation for Gender Balance TOOLKIT



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