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Toolkit: Resistances to structural change in gender equality

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 03 February 2022
Owned by Paola Carboni . Last modified on 07 February 2022

Developed by Lucy Ferguson and Lut Mergaert - based on the collaborative efforts of a range of H2020 structural change projects – particularly SUPERA, GE Academy, Gender-SMART and GEARING-Roles

The document is developed in three main sections: categorising and theorising resistances, common guidelines for dealing with resistances, and the resistances toolkit. An associated repository documents the kinds of resistances experienced in implementing structural change, as well as techniques for dealing with different kinds of resistances.


  • Introduction 
  • Categorising and theorising resistances 
    • Why? 
    • How? 
    • Who? 
  • Common guidelines for dealing with resistances 
    • Caring for the core team 
    • Tackling resistances to implementation 
  • Resistances Toolkit 
  • Structure of the Resistances Workshop 

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