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Toolbox for User Driven Innovation and Living Labbing

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 01 November 2015

The Toolbox for User Driven Innovation and Living Labbing is a resource pool that provides answers to why and how to involve users in innovation. It increases innovators’ understanding of the potential and planning of user-involvement in the development of new services or products.

The toolbox helps innovators:

  • discover what their users really want
  • understand consumers and identify attitude patterns
  • prioritise further development
  • develop concepts with the consumers
  • get ‘free’ ideas from users
  • test ideas, services, concepts and products
  • speed up adoption and do their selling
  • get feedback on their services.
National, International, Local, Regional
Inclusion, Responsiveness, Reflection
Development, Exploration

The toolbox offers methods, tools and resources to improve and/or develop new business strategies and product developments based on user-driven innovation and living labbing.

The methods and tools are related to:

  • finding opportunities
  • generating concepts and ideas
  • designing prototypes
  • evaluating prototypes
  • piloting products and services
  • supporting uptake
  • refining offerings
  • nurturing growth
  • managing strategic innovation.

Resources include theories, methodologies, lessons learned, checklists and handbooks. Budgets, equipment, and time frames will depend on the method, tool or resource applied. Because this project ended in 2009, some information may be a little outdated.

Beginner, Practitioner

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