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Tips & Tricks for Responsible Research & Innovation

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 29 March 2021
Last modified on 29 March 2021

Knowle West Media Centre in collaboration with the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) and Thess-Ahall. The wording and illustrations were inspired by learning from the SISCODE and NewHoRRIzon projects, workshops with Responsible Research & Innovation practitioners, and KWMC’s practice and research as Bristol Living Lab.

A new interactive resource exploring what it means to practice Responsible Research and Innovation.

Tips & Tricks for Responsible Research & Innovation offer 20 provocations to inspire and challenge people as they reflect on the topic: from the theories that underpin responsible research and innovation to the way we carry out this kind of work.

The Tips & Tricks are designed as a pack of square cards that can be printed at home. Each ‘tip’ is presented as a short statement and a colourful illustration, and the tips have been grouped to reflect the European Commission’s five ‘keys’ of Responsible Research & Innovation: ethical, collaborative, inclusive, open and learning.

Tips include the idea that ‘the ends and the means are equally important’ and that ‘the easiest to reach may not benefit the most.’

You can download the resources for free from here.  The print-at-home document also contains instructions for activities you can do to spark discussion and reflection.


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