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The Systems Thinking Playbook for Climate Change - A Toolkit for Interactive Learning

Uploaded by Daniel García on 03 May 2016
Owned by RRI Tools . Last modified on 10 May 2016

L. B. Sweeney, D. Meadows, and G. M. Mehers
German Federal Ministry of International Cooperation and Development (GIZ)

This Playbook aims to help experts, advocates and educators to be more effective in talking with groups about climate change and promoting interactive learning on the topic. For this purpose, twenty-two interactive games are offered and described to help increase the effect of workshops, speeches and conversations on the topic. 

Practitioners who use these games can enhance the appeal and the effectiveness of their verbal presentations about climate change and climate policy, thus contributing to their efforts to help citizens perceive climate change, diagnose its causes, anticipate its future consequences, and effect constructive change.

Local, Regional
Inclusion, Openness, Anticipation, Reflection
Exploration, Dissemination

The Playbook is a companion to the GIZ publication 'Climate Change Information for Effective Adaptation - A Practitioner‘s Manual' (see the References section in the More information tab of this resource page), that translates relevant aspects of climate change research into every-day working contexts (local weather for example).

The Manual summarizes the basic science of climate change and suggests how one may use historical examples and current data to demonstrate the effects of climate change. Once practitioners have identified effects at local level, the 22 games present in the Playbook can be used to create engaging dialogue and events. 

In the Playboook, the introductory section provides guidelines on how to choose a game and how to get started. All games are classified according to the number of participants and interaction they require and to the climate change conceptual errors they help to identify.

For each game, the description includes relevant quotes related to climate change and the game dynamics, contexts, instructions, practicalities on how to run the game and useful information for the debriefing.

Beginner, Practitioner

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