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The Systems Innovation Toolkit

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 08 June 2022
Last modified on 08 June 2022

The Systems Innovation Network

The Systems Innovation Toolkit is designed as an open-source set of modules that can be combined to support a systems change initiative.

The building blocks of the toolkit are the canvases. Each canvas deals with one key aspect of systems innovation; the canvas will help you think through and develop a response to a key question you will need an answer to. For example who are the actors in the system? How will I design a narrative for change? How will I assess the impact we are having?

Canvases Sections

  • Ideating-These canvases help you think in systems to change the paradigm and start to see new possibilities.
  • Building- Canvases for developing new ecosystems; connecting people and resources in new ways andscaling change
  • Map- These canvases help you make a holistic inquiry by mapping out the actors, structure and dynamics of the system.
  • Changing- Canvases for working with transition processes; finding points to intervene in the network to effectively influence change

These building blocks can be accessed and used as individual modules or they can be strung together to form a process depending on the time horizon of the initiative.