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The SATORI Framework - Outline of an Ethics Assessment Framework - Main results of the SATORI project

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 17 September 2017

An easy-to-read document that presents the outline of main SATORI results. It is a comprehensive ethics assessment framework for R&I in the European Union and beyond. The framework contains summarised versions of SATORI’s proposals for good practices, tools and toolkits regarding ethics assessment of R&I.

Table of contents

  • Introduction 
  • Ethics Assessment Organisation’s Expectations about a Joint Framework 
  • Ethical Principles and Issues 
  • Ethics Assessment Procedures 
  • Ethical Impact Assessment 
  • Specialised Forms of Ethical Assessment and Guidance 
  • Ethics Assessment and Ethics Guidance by Specific Types of Organisations 
  • Cost-effectiveness and Risk-Benefit of Ethics Assessment 2
  • Standardisation of Ethics Assessment
  • Ethics Assessment and Policy 
  • Proposals for the Institutional Structure of Ethics Assessment 
  • in the European Union and its Constituent Countries
  • Assessing the Compatibility of Existing Ethics Assessment 
  • Frameworks with the SATORI Framework
  • Heritage of the Framework 
  • Summary of Recommendations

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