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The Road to Open Science - a podcast series

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 19 June 2018

Open Science Community Utrecht (OSCU) & Utrecht Young Academy

In the podcast series The Road to Open Science, hosts Sanli Faez and Lieven Heeremans follow the path to adapting open science practices through the perspective of researchers from different disciplines. In each episode they talk to people within the academic community about their research, initiative or experiences in relation to open science.

  • In the first episode the podcast starts at the very beginning: what is open science and why does it seem so difficult to really make open science practices more common? For a lot of people within the academic community the subject is still an unclear or even an unknown territory. Others, who have already gained more knowledge on the topic, have different views when it comes to definitions and where to start.
  • In the second episode we talk to Kirstie Whitaker, Daniel Lakens, Anita Eerland and Loek Brinkman. We asked our guests, what motivated them personally to advocate for adapting open science practices and what is the most important role the university can play to foster open science.

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