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The RISE Report - "Europe´s future: Open Innovation, Open Science, Open to the World"

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Europe’s future: Open Innovation, Open Science, Open to the World - Reflections of the Research, Innovation and Science Policy Experts (RISE) High Level Group. March 2017. Directorate-General for Research and Innovation

The focus of the analyses presented in this book is on the way open science, open innovation and open to the world – the so-called 3 O’s – are likely to impact European innovation performance, growth and international competitiveness. Given Europe’s demographics and the global competition to attract talents, to produce scientific knowledge, to create new value, to address – and find solutions to – the many social, economic and environmental problems, a readiness to “embrace change”, to “try new things and be willing to take risks” will be essential for Europe to keep its unique position in the world as beacon of “values of openness and diversity... using European research and innovation for something greater than our own gain”.

This book has been written following the suggestion from Commissioner Moedas to the Research, Innovation and Science Expert group (RISE), a group of some 30 experts from different nationalities, with different backgrounds and a wide spectrum of fields of expertise, to reflect on the challenges European research and innovation policy has been, and will continue to be confronted with, in an outof-the-box fashion: suggesting and proposing where needed concrete proposals for policy action.

The “out-of-the-box” nature of those reflections imply to a certain extent that the views and opinions, as presented here, not necessarily represent full consensus views amongst all RISE experts. It is also the reason why the contributions are individually authored. Rather in presenting those reflections we hope to feed the debate at the Commission but also in Member States (MS) on the challenges for European research and innovation policy in the rapidly changing environment of digital, global connectivity and collaboration in science without borders; the emergence of radical new models of innovative value creation with sometimes little connection or reliance on (industrial) research activities; and the hope and expectation that science and technology will be there to provide solutions as much at the global level – think of the sustainable development goals, but also science diplomacy – as at the local city level – think of smart cities and circular economy principles – to find responses to the major grand challenges Europe as well as the rest of the world is being confronted with. 


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