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The programme promotes Open Access to the works produced by Swedish researchers, teachers and students. We accomplish this by supporting Open Access publishing in OA repositories and OA journals at Swedish institutions of higher education.

We work with:

  • information and advice
  • development of infrastructure and services
  • coordination of policy

The programme is also acting as Swedish node in the EU-funded project OpenAIRE.

In collaboration with the National Library of Sweden the Swedish Research Council has produced a proposal for national guidelines for both scientific publications/artistic works and research data. The proposal, which also contains recommendations on what needs to be further investigated, was submitted to the Government in January 2015.

The programme has arranged “Meeting Place Open Access” conferences for a number of years. Meeting Place Open Access (MOA) is the major annual conference in Sweden for anyone working with and interested in issues concerning open access and scholarly publishing. Presentations and documentation from previous conferences are available through this link (in Swedish and English).

The programme has been financing a number of OA-related projects as a part of the general project funding from the National Library of Sweden. More info here

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Implementation, Dissemination
Many researchers support the idea of increasing access to research, but worry about the implications for their career of sharing their work. We built this site primarily for researchers, to educate them about all the different ways they can be open and how sharing can be beneficial for their careers. We also aim to provide information and resources for those working in open advocacy. All resources herein all openly licensed and their reuse in encouraged.
This project was born out of our passion for opening up research, making it assessible and reusable by all. We view access to information as a human right and think it should be treated as such. And we believe it will take students and researchers at all levels of academia to bring about culture change. By sharing our work, we can stimulate learning, innovation, and discovery.


From 15/11/2015 to present

The programme is run by the National Library of Sweden (KB)

Beate Eellend, National Library of Sweden


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