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The Open Science Framework (OSF)

Uploaded by David Mellor on 15 July 2016
Last modified on 18 July 2016

The Open Science Framework (OSF) is a free and open-source workflow management tool that enables transparent and reproducible work. The OSF allows researchers to manage complex projects and to collaborate with peers and students. It has built-in features that encourage data sharing with unique, persistent identifiers. It can be used to register projects at different points in time. The registrations are read-only, persistent snapshots of your project a specific points. Projects can be registered at multiple points in the research lifecycle in order to preserve its state at that time. Preregistrations are snapshots of a project before data collection begins, and may include a complete analysis plan for any confirmatory tests to be completed.


The OSF can also serve as a hub for research being conducted at an institution. These institutional landing pages can help find collaborators and surface work being conducted more quickly and easily than through traditional outlets. See how the University of Virginia is using the OSF for these purposes here.


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