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The Open Innovation Platform of Regione Lombardia

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 03 April 2017

Regione Lombardia

The Lombardy Region's Smart Specialisation Strategy vision, that has an important impact on the regional innovation policies, represents a cultural leap regarding involvement of citizens in policy - decision process through innovative tools, both financial and enabling. Thus, a regional Open Innovation Platform has been built around the key principles of the Quadruple Helix Open Innovation model*, where “Government, industry, academia and civil participants work together to co-create the future and drive structural changes far beyond the scope of what any one organization or person could do alone”.

The Platform contains a set of tools and methodologies to support the creation of innovation ecosystems around strategic topics, identified earlier in the RIS3. The Platform is "open" and inclusive, with very low entry barriers while ensuring a good quality of transactions through an "orchestration" methodology relying on "facilitators" and "community managers" supporting other participants when they become active, validating content and rules for routing. A "reputation based" approach is promoted at all levels, limiting to a minimum centralised activities. Multilingual interface and an open licensing of the code is foreseen in 2017, as the Platform has reached a sufficient maturity.

The Open Innovation Platform was open to public in the first months of 2015. As of March 2016, there are over 3200 registered participants. Over 200 communities have been created thus far, out of which 85 regarding topics of the Smart Specialisation Strategy. Until March 2016, over 700 discussions have been initiated by the Platform users, more than 200 project proposals have been launched which have received over 430 expressions of interest.


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