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The Moving Communities methodology canvas set

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 16 August 2017

Designed by Platoniq, together with the Idea Camp programme team

The Moving Communities methodology has been designed to support Idea Makers transform their idea into a viable and effective project. Idea Camp’s idea development sessions have been adapted using various techniques and principles from creative thinking, rapid prototyping and agile development.

The methodology delves into 3 topic areas:

  1. WHO (communities): this relates to the communities to whom the idea is addressed or which it seeks to involve. Are their needs, challenges, but also their role clearly understood and taking into account in the idea development?
  2. HOW (strategies): this relates to the implementation of the idea. What are the required partners and stakeholders, and how to get them involved? How to scale up the idea and make it more participative?
  3. WHY (values): this relates to the impact and value of the idea. What is the narrative beyond the idea and how to ensure a broader impact?

The journey through the The Moving Communities methodology is made of 6 stations called “steps” - which the different Idea Makers groups take in different order.


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