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The LIVING INNOVATION virtual community for industry & experts

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 31 December 2019


The LIVING INNOVATION project has established a virtual community platform for industry and experts. Through continuous interaction and relationship building, the community members will mutually develop and share practices, tools, ideas and information. The Virtual Community is open to experts from industry and companies of all sizes, researchers and innovators, entrepreneurs and CSR managers, Responsible Innovation experts and RTD managers. The Virtual Community is meant to be a safe space for professional exchange, problem-solving and collaboration. 

How to join? --> Sign up here to join the community and to have access to upcoming activities. No registration fee required. You contribute your knowledge and a little bit of your time and get access to a vibrant expert community. 


Joint Actions on Living Innovation

A series of virtual working groups - called "Joint Actions" - have been established. You are invited to join and take part in the conversation.

  • Explore the Business Case for Responsible Innovation - Responsible innovation pays off. But context matters and payback mechanisms may be different for each company. This Joint Action brings together scientific evidence and practical experience on the business case for responsible innovation and provides a vibrant forum for exchange.
  • Strengthen the Links Between CSR and Innovation - CSR and innovation can strengthen each other. As innovation becomes more open, it can profit from established skills of CSR managers. At the same time, todays innovations are critical for the responsibility and sustainability impacts of tomorrow. This Joint Action explores how leading companies connect CSR and innovation and what benefits they achieve.
  • Design Thinking for Responsible InnovationHow to apply Design Thinking as human centered innovation approach for responsible innovation? What are relevant methods and tools, best practices and important topics? This Joint Action gives you the opportunity to listen to experts in the field, get inspirations and guidance through recommended resources.
  • Develop a Framework for Inclusive ICT Innovations - ICT innovations entail huge potential for improving citizens' daily lives. It is a major challenge to make these advantages available for those often not at the center of new smart technologies. This Joint Action seeks to explore ways of including the needs of people such as impaired persons or deprived social groups into responsible ICT solutions. 
  • Share and learn about Smart Health Cases and Champions - Many smart eHealth solutions for the monitoring of physical and emotional wellbeing using digital services are aligned with Responsible Innovation (RI) principles. However, the processes behind designing and developing them to ensure that they are ethically acceptable for their users are often not visible. This Joint Action aims to promote RI methods and practices to support the design and creation of smart eHealth solutions; the idea is to identify and collect good practices, use cases and successful examples applying RI methodologies for the creation of smart eHealth and healthy living / wellbeing products and services. 
  • Try out Responsible Innovation Tools - Digitalization, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence hold the potential to improve citizens' daily lives and to create new business opportunities. Through this Joint Action we will provide co-creation methods and tools that can help companies navigate this immense potential and put responsible innovation into practice.
  • Explore Affordable Smart Home Solutions - Up till present time, smart homes have the image of being expensive and only for luxury. Many home solutions are still expensive. This Joint Action will match the needs of certain groups of citizens with basic smart home solutions at affordable costs; cost indications will be made for persons with middle and lower income.

  • Benchmark Your Responsible Innovation Maturity - Responsible innovation practices are diverse. Many ICT industry leaders are already aware of the ethical, social and environmental implications of their innovations. This Joint Action builds on established tools and offers ICT companies the opportunity to learn about their practices, performance and maturity.








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