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The LIV_IN Showcase Videos on successful RRI in the business sector

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 31 January 2022
Last modified on 07 February 2022

A collection of 9 videos conveying the main results of the LIVING INNOVATION project by means of audiovisual story-telling to the largest possible number of businesses, scientists, citizens and policymakers

An attractive business case

The project developed tangible solutions in the areas of smart health and smart homes that prove that Responsible Innovation pays off. Key success factors are involving a broad and diverse range of people into innovation processes, ensuring a high quality of co-creation, and making use of the innovative power of major companies. The major outcomes are presented in these Showcase Videos

The topics and results presented are located on different levels:

  • Tangible results in the areas of smart homes and smart health, such as a smart office chair, a community platform for amputees, a smart mobility app for blind and visually impaired people, a holobox sharing system that could replace business travel, the concept for virtual one-stop shop for extended reality applications in teaching and training.
  • Process-oriented results, such as Responsible Design Thinking, tools for inclusive workshop design, quality criteria for co-creation and a new narrative explaining the business case for Responsible Innovation.

Full list of videos:

The Business Case for Responsible Innovation

Responsible Design Thinking


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