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The Lab: Avoiding Research Misconduct | Interactive Movie on Research Misconduct

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 04 September 2018

Office of Research Integrity - U.S. Department of Health and Human Service

In "The Lab: Avoiding Research Misconduct," you become the lead characters in an interactive movie and make decisions about integrity in research that can have long-term consequences. The simulation addresses Responsible Conduct of Research topics such as avoiding research misconduct, mentorship responsibilities, handling of data, responsible authorship, and questionable research practices.

The Characters
You assume the role of four characters confronted with the pressures of working in a research laboratory:

Hardik Rao HARDIK RAO, a postdoctoral researcher, who deals with the competitiveness in an up-and-coming lab while balancing the responsibilities of a home life. Kim Park KIM PARK, a third-year graduate student, who questions the use of her data by another researcher.
Aaron Hutchins AARON HUTCHINS, a principal investigator, whose overwhelming responsibilities as a professor, researcher, and grantwriter lead to his decline as a responsible mentor. Beth Ridgely BETH RIDGELY, a research administrator, who has accepted the role as the university's Research Integrity Officer and must quickly learn how to handle allegations of research misconduct.
Spanish, English, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin)

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