Tool Reflection and Evaluation

The GRACE reflection tool for RRI initiatives

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 06 October 2020

The tool was initially developed by Malene Vinther Christensen as part of the GRACE project, but can actually be used by anyone who wishes to implement an initiative, before to start a new project for example.

This “Reflection tool” is a six-page document that can be printed and used to facilitate fruitful reflection and discussion on vision, goals, and implementation of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) initiatives in smaller groups.

It is meant to help a working group in its general reflection on what it wishes to achieve, in setting measurable success criteria for the sake of monitoring and evaluation, and in project management by planning the steps of implementation, foreseeing potential obstacles, and reflecting on needed ressources. Likewise, it asks the group to reflect on the stakeholders who will be affected by their initiative and will need to be involved in the decisions-making.

How to use it?

  • Find a host for the discussion who will decide how much time to allocate for the task, find an appropriate meeting room with a large table, and invite participants. We suggest to use at least three hours on the tool.
  • We suggest to be around 5-6 people to discuss and the group can thus involve an extended team of stakeholders you find important to include early in the process.
  • Print all six pages in the tool, one page pr. sheet on A3 paper, and place it in the correct order on the table you are sitting around so that everyone can see.
  • Decide which part(s) of the reflection tool you would like to work on and how much time you can allocate to each part. We suggest at least 30 minutes per page.
  • Assign someone the role as facilitator. This person will read the questions aloud, make sure that everyone understands the questions and get a chance to voice their opinion, and keep an eye on time to make sure you get through all the parts you intended.
  • Assign another person the role as rapporteur, this person will write down what the group agrees on

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