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The co-creating welfare Training Toolkit

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The co-creating welfare project

EXERCISES AND MATERIALS - Discover the Co-Creating Welfare Training Course, with activity cards and guidance videos

  • The Co-Creating Welfare Training Course
  • The Card Deck of Co-Creation Tools
  • Videos guides to the training course activities

QUESTIONS FOR FACILITATORS - Food for thought and useful questions before starting a co-creation project

  • Before starting the training course, it’s a good idea for facilitators to consider certain questions and situations that might arise during the training, and which may need your attention and action

TOP TIPS - Top tips for Co-Creating Welfare

  • Recommendations from the project´s experience with teaching in Co-Creation!

10 KEY POINTS - Recommendations for Co-Creating Welfare

FAQ - Frequently asked questions



The Co-Creating Welfare Training Course aims to enable professional practitioners within the health and social welfare sector to create, implement and evaluate co-creating processes with the citizens benefitting from the welfare services of their organization.

The Training Course is built around 4 training themes/days with “bridging home activities” to help participants apply their new competences in practical working life, together with their colleagues.

The 4 training themes are the following:

  • Creating a common understanding of co-creation.
  • Initiating the co-creation process through collaborative problem formulation.
  • Managing the co-creation process.
  • Dissemination and communication of the co-creation process and its results.


The full Co-creating Welfare book for co-creation facilitators is freely available online. See this link for book info and pdf







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