Teaching Responsible Research and Innovation in Higher Education

Train the trainers
HEI Staff
Less than 20H
In this online course, participants will reflect on what responsible research and responsible innovation means, and learn and discuss ideas and concepts of RRI as well as some practical approaches to promote RRI. One focus in this regard will be on teaching and learning RRI in higher education. 
In-service training; not part of a study programme. 
ECTS credits
No ECTS credits awarded. Workload of approximately 15 to 20 hours.

Year of study

Not part of a study programme.

Learning outcomes (LO) 

On completion of this course participants will be able to:

  1. formulate their understanding of responsible research and responsible innovation;
  2. discuss approaches to promote RRI with regards to their applicability in research and innovation (R&I) processes;
  3. and to adapt strategies and approaches for teaching and learning on RRI and propose concrete teaching activities for promoting RRI in higher education. 

Asessment methods and criteria

Not specified

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Participants should have a basic knowledge of philosophy of science, science technology studies, sociology of science, or similar. Furthermore, they should have experience in research or innovation processes as well as in higher education teaching.

Mode of delivery

This course is an online course providing different materials (e.g. articles, texts, videos, links) and interactive elements (online forum and chat).

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

The course requires a high level of motivation and autonomous work by the participants. They have to read and comprehend the given texts, linked documents, and articles as well as case examples in defined time periods. The course participants have to actively engage in several online forum and online chat activities at specific points during the online course. They have to write entries answering to defined questions, comment on entries by others, and engage in discussions on RRI and related issues.