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Talking STS | a collection of interviews & accompanying reflections on the origins, present & future of Science & Technology Studies (STS)

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Engaging STS. Vol 4 (2018)

Talking STS, a collection of interviews and accompanying reflections on the origins, present, and future of Science and Technology Studies (STS) is now published with the open-access journal Engaging STS, under their Traces section.

The volume assembles thoughts and recollections from leading figures in the making of this field at the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the University of Edinburgh’s Science Studies Unit (SSU). While the Unit is a recurring theme of the volume, the interviews have a broader purpose – to present interviewees’ situated and idiosyncratic experiences and perspectives on STS, going beyond the contributions made to it by any one individual, department or institution. Together with the reflections, they prompt further discussion, reflection and questioning about this constantly evolving field.

Table of Contents
  • Why We Can't Have Our Facts Back | Noortje Marres
  • The Responsibilities and Obligations of STS in a Moment of Post-Truth Demagoguery | Steve G. Hoffman
  • Response to Steve Hoffman's "The Responsibilities and Obligations of STS in a Moment of Post-Truth Demagoguery" | Noortje Marres
Considering Concepts
  • Residues: Rethinking Chemical Environments | Soraya Boudia, Angela N.H. Creager, Scott Frickel, Emmanuel Henry, Nathalie Jas, Carsten Reinhardt, Jody A. Roberts
  • Introduction: Talking STS | Fadhila Mazanderani, Isabel Fletcher, Pablo Schyfter
  • “Things Can Be Done Here That Cannot So Easily Be Done Elsewhere”: Jane Calvert Talks with Arie Rip | Jane Calvert, Arie Rip
  • Cracking the Crystal in STS: Marcelo Fetz Talks with Harry Collins | Marcelo Fetz, Harry Collins
  • Imagining Alternative and Better Worlds: Isabel Fletcher Talks with Adele E. Clarke | Isabel Fletcher, Adele E. Clarke
  • “These Were Not Boring Meetings”: Miguel García-Sancho Talks with Karin Knorr Cetina | Miguel Garcia-Sancho, Karin Knorr Cetina
  • STS and the Importance of Being a Collective: Gill Haddow Talks with Barry Barnes | Gill Haddow, Barry Barnes
  • The Whole World is Becoming Science Studies: Fadhila Mazanderani Talks with Bruno Latour | Fadhila Mazanderani, Bruno Latour
  • STS as a Program of Ontological Disobedience: Koichi Mikami Talks with Steve Woolgar | Koichi Mikami, Steve Woolgar
  • ST(&)S: Martyn Pickersgill Talks with Sheila Jasanoff | Martyn Pickersgill, Sheila Jasanoff
  • STS and its Challenging Obligations: Pablo Schyfter Talks with Donald MacKenzie | Pablo Schyfter, Donald MacKenzie
  • Ways of Knowing and Doing STS: Niki Vermeulen Talks with Wiebe Bijker | Niki Vermeulen, Wiebe Bijker
  • It’s Important to Go to the Laboratory: Malte Ziewitz Talks with Michael Lynch | Malte Ziewitz, Michael Lynch
  • Challenging Power, Constructing Boundaries, and Confronting Anxieties: Michael Kattirtzi Talks with Andrew Stirling | Michael Kattirtzi, Andrew Stirling
  • On SSK and Conversing with Scientists: Eugénia Rodrigues Talks with Michael J. Mulkay | Eugenia Rodrigues, Michael J. Mulkay
Critical Engagements 
  • Engaging STEM Ethics Education | Kelly Ann Joyce, Kendall Darfler, Dalton George, Jason Ludwig, Kristene Unsworth
Research Articles
  • Images of Marie Curie: How Reputational Entrepreneurs Shape Iconic Identities 1 Lisa Alaimo, Lori Chambers, Antony Puddephatt
Thematic Collections
  • Engaging the Underground: An STS Field in Formation | Abby J. Kinchy, Roopali Phadke, Jessica M. Smith
  • Groundwater Modeling and Governance: Contesting and Building (Sub)Surface Worlds in Colorado’s Northern San Juan Basin | Adrianne C. Kroepsch
  • Engineering and the Politics of Commensuration in the Mining and Petroleum Industries | Jessica M. Smith, Nicole M. Smith
  • Black Gold, White Power: Mapping Oil, Real Estate, and Racial Segregation in the Los Angeles Basin, 1900-1939 | Daniel G. Cumming
  • Shelf Projects: The Political Life of Exploration Geology in Senegal | Robyn d'Avignon
  • From Dearth to El Dorado: Andean Nature, Plate Tectonics, and the Ontologies of Ecuadorian Resource Wealth | David Kneas
  • Commentary: STS of the Underground | Trevor Birkenholtz








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