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Sustainability for Science Shops. A Practical Guide to Developing Policy and Strategy

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 01 November 2015
Owned by Bonn Science Shop (Wila Bonn) . Last modified on 11 May 2016

PERARES project
Sustainability for Science Shops is a practical handbook aimed at practitioners of Science Shops linked to higher education institutions (HEIs). It will help users develop policies and strategies supporting the sustainability of such Science Shops by linking to HEI policy priorities and ensuring that policymakers such as funders, political representatives and senior university managers understand and appreciate how Science Shops can help them deliver on their own relevant priorities.
Local, Regional
Diversity, Inclusion, Responsiveness
Development, Exploration, Implementation
The handbook has a four-step structure for developing strategies to support community engagement in HEIs: surveying the territory, building alliances, making a case and being prepared for challenges. At each step, concrete actions and guidelines are suggested. The handbook also lists complementary resources that can help users create and seize opportunities and prepare arguments.

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