Study on the communication of Responsible Research and Innovation in UCC+i: a proposal of a model

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From 30/12/2015 to 29/12/2016

The aim of the study is, first, to know the communication activities of science developed by the UCC+i, to analyse their strengths and weaknesses regarding the communication of RRI. A second objective is to develop a proposal for an ethical model of communication of RRI for allowing UCC+i meet the challenges and demands set by the European Union to move towards a more responsible research and innovation.

The project was established in four phases. In the first one, the theoretical framework based on ethics, science communication and analysis of the development of RRI at a European level will be considered, also establishing the legal framework of the RRI. From this ethical and regulatory framework, in a second phase, a proposal of a communication model of RRI specifically referred to the UCC+i and a Stakeholders Map will be performed. The third stage will consider the study of the actions of science communication conducted by the UCC+i through a questionnaire. It will also be sought to validate the model developed through focus groups with stakeholders of the RRI and expert panels. The fourth phase will concentrate on the dissemination of the results achieved through specific actions to specialized audiences and society as a whole.

Among the resources to be developed in the project stand out the following: a model of ethical communication of RRI for scientific culture and innovation units that can be extrapolated to other organisms; an open online publication that includes the results of the project, and the organisation of a conference on RRI and the results of the study at the Universitat Jaume I.

Jaume I University, UJI (Spain)

The project will involve a multidisciplinary team led by Professor of Ethics and Politics, Domingo García Marzá, and formed by researchers from the group of Ethics and Social Responsibility GERSE and communication professionals among which is the Dircom of the UJI and journalists of the UCC+i.

Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit at the Universitat Jaume I in Castelló

[email protected]

+34 964 72 88 30

Total cost: EUR 24.349,89

FECYT contribution: EUR 12.000

Project reference: FCT-15-10084

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