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STIR (Socio-Technical Integration Research)

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  • Erik Fisher (Arizona State University - School for the Future of Innovation in Society)
  • Steven Flipse (Delft University of Technology - Science Education & Communication)
  • Kim Stolk (Delft University of Technology - Science Education & Communication)

STIR is an approach that enables collaborations between technical experts and embedded humanists, for a period of 12 weeks, while using a decision protocol to structure their interactions. STIR is about integrating scientific practices like laboratory research with social scientific and humanistic reflection, to enhance the capacities of technical decisions to anticipate and respond to the complex societal dimensions of the work while they enfold. 

It is a means to evaluate and adjust research and other technical decisions in light of societal dimensions in real-time, as research and innovation processes are taking place. Ultimately, such micro-scale reflection at the level of individual researchers is intended to exercise and build meso- and macro-scale capacities for more reflexive and responsive institutions. 

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