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Social Scoreboard

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 01 June 2017

The on-line tool for the Social Scoreboard was developed by the Joint Research Centre, the European Commission's science and knowledge service

A Social Scoreboard for the European Pillar of Social Rights

Building a fairer Europe and strengthening its social dimension is a key priority for the European Commission. The European Pillar of Social Rights is accompanied by a ‘social scoreboard’ which will monitor the implementation of the Pillar by tracking trends and performances across EU countries in 12 areas and will feed into the European Semester of economic policy coordination. The scoreboard will also serve to assess progress towards a social ‘triple A’ for the EU as a whole.

The Social Scoreboard is structured around three dimensions (all of them “people-centred”):

  • "Equal opportunities and access to the labour market", covering aspects of fairness related to education, skills and lifelong learning, gender equality in the labour market, inequality and upward mobility, living conditions and poverty, and youth;
  • "Dynamic labour markets and fair working conditions", covering labour force structure, labour market dynamics, and income;
  • "Public support / Social protection and inclusion", covering fair outcomes through public support and/or social protection. This set of indicators covers mainly the provision of services and social safety nets.

The on-line charts are regularly updated.


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