SMART-map | RoadMAPs to Societal Mobilisation for the Advancement of Responsible Industrial Technologies

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From 01/05/2016 to 31/10/2018

The goal of SMART-map is to define and implement concrete roadmaps for the responsible development of technologies and services in three key game-changing fields: precision medicine, synthetic biology and 3D printing in biomedicine.

  1. Synthetic biology is an emerging science that could be extensively employed in industries. Some governments are already pushing for its employability but these new technologies bring about controversial impacts that could influence or violate existing normative values.
  2. Precision medicine has been growing in the last few years and is still expected to grow extensively. It allows people to map their genome not only to understand their genetic history but also to infer their disease risk profile. This is attractive to citizens as well as to industries that are hence investing always more in this field.
  3. 3D printing consists in producing 3D objects by superimposing layers of chosen materials. It is thought by some to be a revolution in the manufacturing industry because the objects resulting from 3D printing can meet the customers’ needs accurately. 3D printing has been also being employed in the biomedical field but it is already facing tremendous societal challenges.

The project will reach its goals by developing a new format for open and collaborative dialogues between industry and societal actors (Industrial Dialogues) which will allow the co-design of a tool (a SMART Map) that helps companies to address questions of social and environmental responsibility they face in their innovation processes. The project will test these smart maps in actual industrial settings, ensuring that innovators can use them easily within their existing processes.

We challenge ourselves as researchers to bring together as peers industry and civil society, and invent tools capable to transform industrial innovation into a participatory process that is advantageous both for companies and society








SMART-map partners represent a diverse range of backgrounds both in terms of topics and in terms of professions: social scientists, life scientists, journalists and managers who all have experience in interacting with industries.

  • Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Central European University, Hungary
  • Fondazione Giannino Bassetti, Italy
  • Formicablu srl, Italy
  • Fraunhofer Institute, Germany
  • IMEGEN - Instituto de Medicina Genómica, Spain
  • Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
  • University of Manchester, UK
  • Zentrum für Soziale Innovation GmbH, Austria
Project Coordination
Prof. Francesco Lescai, Aarhus University
Total cost: EUR 1 515 636,25
EU contribution: EUR 1 515 636,25

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