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Science Education for Responsible Citizenship

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Hazelkorn, E., Ryan, C., Beernaert, Y., Constantinou, C.P., Deca, L., Grangeat, M., Karikorpi, M., Lazoudis, A., Pintó, R., and Welzel-Breuer, M. (2015), Science Education for Responsible Citizenship, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, European Commission

This report identifies the main issues involved in helping all citizens acquire the necessary knowledge of and about science to participate actively and responsibly in, with and for society, successfully throughout their lives. It provides guidance concerning increasing the participation of enterprise and industry to science education policy and activities. It sets out the challenges we face and how science education can help Europe meet its goals and equip citizens, enterprise and industry in Europe with the skills and competences needed to provide sustainable and competitive solutions to these challenges. A more responsive science education can promote broader participation in knowledge-based innovation that meets the highest ethical standards and helps ensure sustainable societies into the future.

The Framework for Science Education for Responsible Citizenship identifies six key objectives and associated recommendations, which in combination, can help bring about the systemic changes required to generate a sustainable effect across our societies and in our communities.

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