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Secondary school teachers
Between 15H and 20H

Course content

This programme explains the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation to secondary school teachers. It is comprised of five parts addressed to help guide the teachers on how to include an RRI perspective into different high school contexts.


Self-standing course. Not part of a study programme.

ECTS credits
No ECTS credits awarded.

Year of study

This training programme does not have a determined year of study. It can be organised as a stand-alone workshop for secondary school teachers, or included in a pre-service master’s degree addressed to secondary school teachers training.

Learning outcomes (LO)

On completion of this course, secondary school teachers will have the tools to:

  1. Reflect on how to integrate RRI aspects into secondary education.
  2. Design an activity to teach RRI in the classroom.
  3. Analyse different methodologies and resources to promote reflection on RRI.
  4. Generate and moderate a debate on RRI in the classroom.

Assessment methods and criteria

  • Active participation during in-class debates and discussions
  • Presentation of activities
  • Final discussion inputs and reflections
Prerequisites and co-requisites

Participants of this course need to have reached the required qualifications to become secondary school teachers.

Mode of delivery

This programme is a discussion-based course of approximately 7 hours of in-class time, and a total workload of about 15-20 hours. Reflection and in-class discussions are vital elements of this course. Participants work in groups throughout the course and present their activities to peers.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

This course combines various activities and methodologies. There is a screening of a video, in-class discussions, debates via card-exchange, group reflections, play decide games and presentations. The programme is discussion-based and most part of it calls for work in groups. At the end of the course, participants will share their work with fellow students and together will engage in a constructive and moderated debate.